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Enzo Pozzoli

  Attending the “istituto d’arte” in Cantu’ he meets and works with some of the most eminent Characters of the world of international Design and Arts. The Contemporary painting and sculpture are his strong passions which constantly inspire him in all his...

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Alessandra Comi

She attends the Liceo artistico in Monza, she graduates in graphic advertising and she graduates from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano where she meets prominent personalities of the art world. After some studies and employments in companies of fashion, photography and design such as:...

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Emanuela Pozzoli

  She attends the liceo artistico in Monza, where she starts to cultivate the passion for art and design. Since she was young, thanks to his family, she lives in the world of art, where she has the opportunity to weave a friendship with prominent personalities of the international...

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