Alessandra Comi

She attends the Liceo artistico in Monza, she graduates in graphic advertising and she graduates from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano where she meets prominent personalities of the art world.

After some studies and employments in companies of fashion, photography and design such as: the Artist Group studio Cordara, Crippa e Deotto, Bellotti Seterie as an Illustrator, graphic designer, stylist and fabrics designer,

she starts her own firm in 1972 and founds the studio Alessandra Comi: a polyhedral structure capable of developing all creative needs for sophisticated customers in the world of fashion and design. The textile research, is the sector where she has acquired a very thorough knowledge. She collaborates with the best companies of textile clothing, bedding and furniture as Luan sarè, Gianni Versace, Memes Reina, Mario Sirtori, Limonta, Fisac, Season, Fede Cheti, Miroglio, Comoseta, Braghenti, Seterie Argenti, seterie Ratti, Missoni Home, Trussardi, Caleffi, Conjugi Eger, Emmecia, Lanerossi, Casalegno, Carrara, Ungaro, Nube, Tecba, Misuraemme, Gab, Etc..

During 2001, together with Enzo Pozzoli and Emanuela Pozzoli, she founds the company POEMO DESIGN.