The aim of POEMO DESIGN is to develop an exclusive concept of contemporary elegance  100% made in Italy.

At the forefront of Italian design, POEMO DESIGN is renowned for its research and experimentation in the textile field.

From materials research, creativity and experience , comes out new ideas for home decoration.

POEMO DESIGN’s collection distinguish itself with the ability to be composed by pieces that,  rather than objects ,  are real expressions of lifestyle, unique pieces timeless.

The will to produce everything for well being with a detailed attention for all that is natural is the first goal of the company.

Precious materials such as linen, hemps, cotton yarn dyed, satin, cashmere ,wools ,silk  becomes in this way, unique decoration items with refined taste and design culture. Home textiles accessories distinguished by the attention to details, to finishes and natural materials.

Each piece is tailor made and subjected to rigorous quality controls,  in the knowledge that the attention to detail makes the difference.

Respecting  all the security that comes from working in accordance with ethical :  the company has adopted a code of conduct  aimed at respect for the person and for the environment , combining economic growth and social responsibility. 

POEMO DESIGN offers personalized advice to find out different solutions that will satisfy every interior decoration needs

Collaborating with customers our company provides all its professionalism to supplies custom made textile accessories for: yacht, private jet, private villas and home, boutique hotel & resorts, SPA & welness centre.